Subbuteo table soccer

Easy to learn but hard to master: Subbuteo is an exciting miniature football game, with rules that correspond as closely as possible with association football. My site is dedicated to teach the rules and playing techniques of this great game.

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Subbuteo – A Love Story

Subbuteo involvs dexterity and skill in flicking the playing figures, which stand on weighted bases, across the tabletop pitch towards the ball. I’ve been playing Subbuteo only since 2016 but I can already say that it’s probably the greatest table soccer simulation game ever invented.

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My constructions
My first Subbuteo pitch: An astroturf playing board with DIY-borders. [Photo gallery with more details]
DIY Subbuteo floodlights: How to create a set of LED floodlight poles, step by step.
5-a-side pitch for my kids: A smaller astroturf field with metal goals and a magnetic scoreboard.
IMG_7518DIY shooting arena: DIY Mini board for one or two players. Learn to shoot and save the ball!
Exercises for Subbuteo starters

Six easy lessons: Begin with some exercises that improve your basic flicks and shots.

Six medium lessons: Combinations, blocks and more: Get better on longer distances.

Six difficult lessons: Do it like the pros – these exercises will challenge all of your starters skills.
Good to know
How to polish bases: All you need is silicone spray and a cloth – here’s my little guide to gliding heaven. Try out!
subbuteo_equipment_startDecals and hand painting: Workshop insights – check out how I finished my three teams and a useful carrying case.
subbuteo_links_startResources: Buying Subbuteo equipment, learning the rules, watching videos. Check out these links.