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My Subbuteo shooting arena

Perform a thrilling shoot-out with two players or practice your shooting techniques: I constructed this Subbuteo shooting arena for some table soccer action in-between times.

DIY Subbuteo shooting arena 1

DIY Subbuteo shooting arena 2

I covered the borders with foam to protect my little plastic men…

DIY Subbuteo shooting arena 3

I made the pitch with d-c-fix Sticky Back Velours. It is not exactly Astroturf material but adequate for my purpose.

DIY Subbuteo shooting arena 4


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Subbuteo – A Love Story

I have always been a table football fan: Back in my Ruhrgebiet childhood in the German 1980s, my younger brother I were playing Tipp-Kick every weekend. We cowered on the floor, asked ourselves why they call it a table(!) game, and listened to WDR 2’s live radio coverage of Bundesliga matches. We re-enacted the players’ moves and goals and were happy boys.

Never was it a problem for us that each Tipp-Kick team only contained one goalie and one player.… Weiterlesen

Subbuteo Training: Easy

Welcome to the Subbuteo table soccer camp! On this page, Subbuteo beginners will find a bunch of exercises to improve their flicking skills.

Being a rookie myself, I arranged some existing lessons from the web with own ideas and organized them in three categories: easy, medium and difficult. Each category contains six lessons and will approximately take 20 minutes.… Weiterlesen