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How to polish Subbuteo bases

Even the best professional Subbuteo bases won’t glide very well unless you polish them regularly. In order to increase the lubricity of your figures, it’s necessary to rub the bottom of their bases quickly over a suitable polishing cloth.

In addition, there are several lotions, sprays or wax solutions especially for Sports Table Football on the market. I experimented with some of them during the last weeks but was not satisfied with the price-performance ratio: £8 for 30 ml of the so-called „Original Swiss-made professional polish“? £13 for „Supersonic perfect flick polish“? You must be kidding me!

Here’s the favourable advise – from a Subbuteo beginner to other beginners:


[1] I use a universal silicone spray from Aerolon (200 ml can, available once in a while at discounters or try a search on Ebay) that costs less than € 1,50. Just spray once on a dry and clean cotton cloth.


[2] Tap your figure’s base onto where you just put the silicone spray. After that, tap the base somewhere else on the cloth to remove the excess.


[3] Now polish the base by rubbing it back and forth on a second car polish cloth! Yes, it feels like a workout for your arm but the procedure is absolutely neccesary.


[4] And your reward follows swiftly: The bases are now gliding like on ice – nice!

Note: My description leads to great results for Tchaaa4 Sniper bases. But of course, this is only one of many ways to polish your bases properly. Please feel free to leave a comment on your favourite method. Thanks!

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