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Subbuteo Training: Medium

Subbuteo table soccer camp: On this page, Subbuteo beginners will find a lot of exercises to improve their flicking skills in three categories „easy“, „medium“ and „difficult“. Each category contains six lessons and will approximately take 20 minuntes.

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Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.7
No. 7: Passing | Flick the ball with an attacker from the corner directly into the center circle. [15 repetitions.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.8
No. 8: Combinations | Flick a ball with three attackers on the pitch . Be careful to commit no foul while combinating and perform with each player a maximum of three flicks in succession. [Place ten defenders on the field and repeat the exercise.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.9
No. 9: Block player | Flick the ball with an attacker about 20 cm away . Make then a block with the defender. [Repetitions: Flick the defender ten times each between attacker and ball (2a) or ball and goal (2b).]

Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.10
No. 10: On the lines | Place ten attackers along the pitch edge to central line, shooting lines and goal lines . Flick successively all attackers at least 20 cm on each line into the pitch. [ Repeat the exercise with more speed.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.11
No. 11: Contact and shoot | Put five balls into the shooting area and put five attackers ten to 30 cm behind them on the pitch. Flick any attacker so that it slightly touches the ball and then shoot immediately a goal. [Three stages.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Medium No.12
No. 12: Goal wall shooting | Three shots right, three shots left, each from a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters. [Three stages.]

Don’t miss the other excercises:
Easy        Medium    Difficult

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