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Subbuteo Training: Easy

Welcome to the Subbuteo table soccer camp! On this page, Subbuteo beginners will find a bunch of exercises to improve their flicking skills.

Being a rookie myself, I arranged some existing lessons from the web with own ideas and organized them in three categories: easy, medium and difficult. Each category contains six lessons and will approximately take 20 minutes. Have fun and feel free to add your ideas for exercises in the comment section below.

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Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.1
No. 1: Into the circle | Put ten attackers on the pitch in regular distance to the center circle. Flick them with as few attempts as possible directly into the center circle. [Three stages from even greater distance to the center circle.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.2
No. 2: Mark players | Place five defenders on the shooting line and five attackers 20 cm in front of them. Flick the defenders as close as possible to the attackers, without touching them. [Three stages with more distance.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.3
No. 3: Ball control | Flick the ball with short passes across the pitch and back again. Be careful not to commit fouls. [Three repetitions.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.4
No. 4: In the shooting area | Put six balls on the center line and flick them with attackers directly into the shooting area. [Two stages, then two stages into the penalty area.]

Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.5
No. 5: Shooting | Flick five balls with attackers from the shooting line into the goal – shoot high and low, left and right. [Four stages.]
Practicing Subbuteo: Easy No.6
No. 6: Blocked shots | Like exercise no. 5, but with five defenders a few centimeters behind the ball who will block your shots.

Don’t miss the other excercises:
Easy        Medium    Difficult

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  1. Dear Rita and Oliver,

    Many thanks for yours subbuteo articles. I’m a newby player of Subbuteo and I wanted to learn subbuteo to teach Subbuteo in a Subbuteo’s School to other players.

    Our web, facebook and twitter are:

    I’ve just shared in our facebook your „Subbuteo Training Easy“ and I love your Training Plan.

    You could teach How to train tactics in the subbuteo.

    I expect more subbuteo’s articles.

    Best regards,


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